samedi 18 janvier 2014

Last Orders

285 Kent hosts a last series of concerts this weekend before closing for now. It will be probably considered our generation's CBGB and you will hear more about it once they make a film or something. Interestingly enough, it has been announced that a new venue with the same name and spirit will be opening soon in the somewhere in the West Coast. The reason why such an initiative is doomed to fail is because 285 Kent is not a space, but a place. This means that the venue is defined by a collective imaginary that has transformed an old, gritty, and unsafe warehouse into a linking point with a particular social and cultural value. Moreover, the identity of this linking point has evolved inside a specific urban frame, albeit one I truly hate (Williamsburg). Therefore, it could be concluded that 285 is the anti-non-place, because in spite its physical features being exchangeable, the venue is purely constituted by its capability of gather a heterogeneous group of people for whom that space has an identity that is static and dynamic at the same time.